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OpenPower Summit 2016 (San Jose, USA)

NEC had a session for a resource-disaggregated platform including Power8 and GPUs for diverse cloud computing server. In NEC booth, NVIDIA GPU K80 was extended by 40G ExpEther with Power server and the CUDA N-Body benchmark  on the K80 showed few performance degradation.

OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

NEC had a session for a resource-disaggregated platform controller by OpenStack system and demonstrated ExpEther 40G system with NVMe SSD and GPGPU.

PCI-SIG Developer's Conference 2015 (Santa Clara, USA)

NEC had a session for the ExpEther technology and demonstrated ExpEther 40G with an NVMe SSD and GPGPU in Santa Clara.

PCI-SIG Developer's Conference 2014

NEC demonstrated a software-defined computer with CPU and SSD resource pools being managed using OpenStack-based management tools.



Six GPGPU (TESLA C2050) were plugged in a single host machine beyond its number of PCIe extension slots.

Each GPGPU performed n-body and the total performance reached 1.8TFPS.

Storage Vision 2010

A collaborative demonstration by NEC, Nethra and Digital Ordnance was awarded the "Visionary Products Award" in the category of "Media and Entertainment System" Award in the Storage Vision 2010


The demonstration consisted of :

  • 4k-HD video editor using high-speed SSD connected through ExpEther
  • Scalable I/O extension over Ethernet
  • FCoEE (FC over ExpEther):FC HBA over Ethernet utilizing conventional FC storage and management software over conventional Ethernet.

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