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ExpEther technology virtualizes PCI Express over Ethernet. Using ExpEther, one can configure a computing system with scale-up headroom by plugging arbitrary PCI Express-based I/O devices distributed on an Ethernet LAN. ExpEther enhances the PCI Express bus by extending connection distances, supporting device numbers beyond the limitation of local PCI port counts as well as alleviating localized electrical power and heat dissipation restrictions that a conventional box-type computer would encounter. In addition, with full support of the PCI Hot-Plug protocol, dynamic reconfiguration of the computing platform is also possible.

ExpEther Consortium

The ExpEther Consortium was established to exchange information on ExpEther and share use-cases with the prevailing IT and network system market. The members are from various categories such as system integrators, equipment vendors, LSI/FPGA vendors as well as universities. The ExpEther Consortium is a non-profit organization and is not involved with Intellectual Property nor Business-related issues.



ExpEther can extend PCI Express beyond the confines of a computer chassis via standard Ethernet without any modification of existing hardware and software.

PCI Express Compliant

Flexible Scale Up

Dynamic Connectivity

Reliable Transport

Dual-Path x2 Throughput

Low Latency



Three products, Host Bus Adapter, Client and I/O Expansion Box are available for 1G, 10G and 40G Ethernet speeds. The 1G product is mainly targeted for remote I/O computing in an IoT environment. The 10G and 40G products target service acceleration for systems in Data Centers.

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Host Bus Adapter

ExpEther Client

I/O Expansion Box


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